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5 Phase


Training Program

This comprehensive Qigong training program includes:

- 5 Qigong training videos to harness Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire
- 1 Bonus Qigong training video - "The Microcosmic Orbit"
- 2 Audio Meditations - "5 Phase Light Journey" and "5 Phase Nature Journey"
- 1 E-Book - "Harnessing the Power of Bioenergy"

This is the perfect program for novice qigong practitioners, or anyone looking to rekindle their love of qigong. 

All the videos included here are around 10 minutes in length, yet each offers a comprehensive workout of stretches, postures and flows to clear the mind and charge up the Qi. Short, condensed practices make it easy to turn qigong into a habit that will improve your energy, performance, health, and mental well-being on a daily basis.


The videos are all high definition, smoothly edited, and filmed in beautiful locations along the Californian Coast.

The ebook provides lots of useful and interesting information about the theory behind these practices, how to structure your training shedule, and how to bring the benefits of the practice into your daily life. 

You can take the Five Element Personality Quiz associated with this mini-course here.

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