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Nick Loffree Qigong
Certified Instructors



New York & Online

I am a Himalayan trained yoga instructor since 2000. Nick Loffree Certified Qigong teacher since June 2021.  My classes are a blend of Yoga flow and Qigong always working with the breath. Classes are geared to all levels.


Brian Cook

Denver and Central City, Colorado, USA
I am a teacher. Once I become passionate about something; I teach it. I teach music to young
people, cooking to the elderly, and massage sessions always end with a Qigong lesson. I became
interested in movement education while in massage school a very long time ago: Feldenkrais
Method, Yoga, Tragerwork, Alexander Technique…
Most recently I have immersed myself in Qigong and of course, teaching Qigong. 
I am certified to teach Qigong by Nick Loffree and I am a licensed massage therapist by the
State of Colorado.


Cyndi Silva

Avila Beach,

Central California

Cyndi Silva is a certified Medical Qigong practice leader, certified yoga and Pilates instructor, Somatic Healing, Movement and Meditation Guide who has led mind body classes since the mid 90's. Her appreciation for practicing and sharing the healing benefits of ceremonial teas and movement as medicine is rooted in the intelligence of our body's innate healing capacity and its deepest desire to commune with natures' qi.

layla ward_TT Fall 2022 (1).jpg

Layla Ward

Park City, Utah, USA

Classes are formatted very similarly to Nick Loffree’s style of teaching, but also have my own unique stamp on them based on my interests and other influential masters I have learned from. They are geared towards beginners but great for experienced students too.



Charity Kahn

San Francisco Bay Area + Online

I’m a Certified Teacher in Meditation (Jack Kornfield/Tara Brach) and Qigong (Nick Loffree). My classes and retreats are a blend of sitting and walking meditation and Qigong (and, for children, music and dance.) I enjoy supporting people of all ages in finding peace, release and joy through movement and stillness.

Emily Thomas.jpeg

Emily Thomas

Sussex, Uk + Online

Shiatsu Therapist for 12 years with special interest in fascial release, women’s health, Pregnancy, Babies & Children (diplomas in baby shiatsu and shoni shin.)
Qi Gong Teacher and nature lover integrating sound, plants, trees and animals for inspiration and healing as I work.


Marc Becker


Qigong * Coaching* Meditation.

Marc ist zertifizierter Qigong Trainer nach Nick Lofffree und Experience Trainer und Coach nach Human Essence. Seid ca. 10 Jahren beschäftigt sich Marc mit der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Körperarbeit und hat hier für sich das Qigong entdeckt. Seine Vision ist es Menschen auf ihrer ganz persönlichen Heilreise zu begleiten. Den Körper und den Geist wieder in Einklang zu bringen.  Zu seinem persönlichen Angebot gehört das Qigong Training, persönliche Coachings, Körperarbeit, Workshops und Mentaltraining durch Meditationen.

Bee Headshot.JPG

Bee Buehring

Central Connecticut + Online

I’m a cross-cultural dialogue facilitator and qigong instructor. I believe qigong can be especially helpful to those who strive to create a more just and peaceful world as the practice brings balance to both mind and body, allowing us to show up for each other with greater presence, openness, and generosity.


Wendy Ryan

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Wendy Ryan has been helping people live a healthy lifestyle and manage stress, anxiety, and depression for over 20 years as a Physical & Health Education Teacher and Counsellor. Wendy is also certified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and a Qigong Instructor. She offers services online or in-person in Pontiac, QC and Ottawa, ON, Canada. She can be reached by sending a message through her Facebook Page:


Monica Abrahamsen

Stavanger, Norway

Born in 85’, teach qigong, guide meditations, loves inquiry, to dance and to be silly. I also work as a massage therapist, holding space for the body, mind and energy to heal and evolve.

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