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My name is Nick Loffree, I teach busy people how to master their energy so they can do more in less time, prevent and heal chronic disease, and have more energy to truly enjoy their lives.


I got to this place through my own journey through sickness and healing, dealing with both severe mental illness and a host of physical chronic health conditions. Over the last decade and a half, I have been on a mission to unlock the power of the mind, and reveal the secrets of the human body so that I could regain what the Taoists call "The Original Vitality". 


It turns out there is a depth of potential within each of us to be and do so much more than the ordinary. There is an Immortal Spirit that transcends all limitation, and this spirit is human ingenuity, curiosity, and perseverance.  I have used this spirit to transcend my own limitations, and continue to do so while now also sharing my discoveries with others through my videos, classes, coaching, and writing. Join me on my quest to discover and share the hidden keys to the inner universe, and unlock the health, energy, creativity, focus and strength you've always wished for. 




Join Nick on Zoom EVERY DAY of the Pandemic at 9AM!

Affordable prices, personalized classes, community conversations, and lots of fun!


Shoot us an email for details and the link to join:

Nancy A

Training with Nick is a magical combination of movement, meditation, and laughter -- plus, pain I had in my leg for over a year has gone away since I started.  I look forward to every class!

Amy F

Nick has absolutely changed my life. He has helped me find balance, breath and flexibility and I feel stronger, healthier and more centered because of our work together. Nick makes it fun and he is incredibly knowledgeable both about healthy movement and the workings of the human body. I love that every class is different and so appreciate that we always end with a period of guided meditation. I highly recommend studying with Nick!

Casey H

Nick Loffree is a great teacher and has a profound knowledge of healing movement.

His energy is very positive, and the class environment is fun and relaxed.

We enjoy the benefits of his instruction, and it has been a rewarding journey.

I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a great instructor!


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