Mindful Movement & Self-Healing

Life thrives in balance. Heat and cold, space and matter, movement and stillness; Where there is harmony between opposites, the highest creative potential of the cosmos is made manifest.

Our modern life has provided us many conveniences. We have more speed, power, food, entertainment, and information available to us than anyone who has ever come before us. Yet we are perhaps the most chronically stressed and chronically ill people to ever walk the Earth. Balance has been lost. 

To reclaim this balance we need to heal our families and communities. We need to rewind our diets back to their natural origins. We need to reclaim our sleep, our ability to relax, and the space for quiet in our lives. We need to become efficient eliminators of the toxic compounds we are constantly absorbing from the artificial environments we have built ourselves. We need to find respite from the countless media sources that negatively influence our consciousness towards a perpetual state of fear, lust, greed, anger, and shame. 

We can't always do everything perfectly, but there are some things we can do that will help us to be better at everything else. The mindful movement and self healing practices I share on this website and in my classes are meant to do just that.


How much more productive would you be if you were able to calm and focus your mind at will? How much better would your relationship with your loved one's be if you had more energy, and less aches, pains, stiffness and inflammation in your body? How much easier would it be to stick to a healthy diet if you could calm down the anxiety, stress, or depression that was driving your impulsive eating habits? 

With the incredible practices I share here, you can improve both your body and mind simultaneously. As little as 5 minutes of the right technique can totally reset your nervous system, and switch you over to a state of health and healing. 

When you can begin to access your body's natural medicine-producing mechanisms, you will start to be able to strategize your path to long term wellness from a place of power. 

Nick Loffree is your guide into mindful movement and self-healing. He discovered and synthesized the practices shared here through his own experiences losing and recovery his physical, mental, and spiritual well being. 

The journey began in adolescence, when Nick found a plethora of creative ways to destroy the health of his brain (party drugs, alcohol, irresponsible psychedelic use, poor diet, concussions, etc). The mainstream medical solutions wound up suppressing the symptoms in his brain, but created a host of new health issues throughout the rest of his body, which in turn led to new symptoms of illness in his brain. Quickly seeing that this process wasn't going anywhere good, he resolved to take healing into his own hands.


He embarked on a deep, years long journey into meditation and yogic practices. He read and studied every related book/podcast/article he could find, from neuroscience, to Buddhist/yogic conceptions of mind, to nutritional science, to traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, looking for answers to why he was in a state of dis-ease. He went on meditation, yoga, qigong, and taiji retreats and trainings, and experimented with many different dietary, herbal, and otherwise "alternative" therapies. Eventually, a diagnosis from a powerful qigong "wizard" (who could literally electrocute people with his "chi") revealed that the root of the problem was a congestion of "Liver chi" (and a congested liver in general), after which point the healing process became much simpler and more direct. 

The whole story is much more complicated than that, but Nick now enjoys his renewed vitality by living out "The Canadian Dream" in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, California, just outside of Silicon Valley. There he teaches plenty of weekly movement classes around the community when he isn't traveling to teach at corporate events, retreats, and festivals. 

Besides doing his own thing, Nick is a Senior Instructor and Teacher Trainer for the internationally recognized school Holden QiGong, and is a movement arts teacher at the incredible 1440 Multiversity.

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